Coffee, tea, infusions, milk, fruit juice, mineral water.
Our bakery pastries: cookies, cakes…

The sandwich time

Assorted sandwiches and refreshments



Buffet with appetizers, salads, hot dishes, desserts and drinks.

Sample menus:

Sample 1

Salad bar: greens, tomatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds, olives….
Dressings: olive oil, vinegar, balsamic…
“Coca de trempó”(Tomato, green pepper and onion coca)
Pasta and two sauces (tomato or pesto)
Steamed seasonal vegetables
Roasted Chicken / Chips
Fruit and egg custard

Sample 2

Hummus salad and crudités
Dressing: olive oil, balsamic, Maldon salt
Pumpkin cream
Vegetable wok
Potatoes and cheese gratin
Roast beef
Fruit and chocolate brownie


* Fresh and local ingredients (Km 0)
* Menus are open to change depending on seasonal market.
* We also offer vegetarian and vegan option, organic farming, macrobiotic diets and dietary needs.

Included services: Kitchen truck. Tables, chairs, tablecloths and tableware. Kitchen and service staff. Transport, assembly and collection.
Other Services: Outdoor tents.