Considering the locations, times and weather, we offer:

Craft Service

Drinks: coffee, tea, infusions / milk, soy milk / fruit juices / assorted soft drinks / mineral water.
Pastries: (homemade): Croissants / Cake with carrots and nuts / assorted muffins…
Peeled and cut fruit bowls / yogurt / cereal
Cold Sandwiches/ Hot sandwiches (classic & vegetarian) / Sausage / Bacon and Eggs


Buffet with appetizers, salads, main dishes, desserts and drinks.

Sample Menu

Sample 1

Salad buffet:
– Tomato and mozzarella
– Greens and herbs
Dressing: spicy oil, flax seeds, vinegar, oil, pumpkin seeds…
Catalan spinach ( with raisins and pinions)
Spaghetti Bolognese
Chicken Tahine with vegetables and fruits
Grilled fresh tuna
Panacotta and red fruit coulis
Fruit and yoghurt

Sample 2

Salad bar:
– Tomato, avocado and pink grapefruit
– Roasted pepper, cumin and onion rings
– Arugula, lettuce and canons
Dressing: Olive oil, sesame seeds, sweet vinaigrette, walnuts, raisins, …
Gratin Dauphinoise
Catering Hepburn Meatballs
Hake with steamed leeks and carrots
Lemon Cake
Fruit and Yoghurt

Sample 3 (Vegetarian)

Pumpkin soup
Endive salad with grapes and pomegranate
Grilled eggplant and walnuts
Lentils with vegetables and spices / rice
Fried Wok vegetables with ginger
Apple crumble with yoghurt

Reduced price menu

Sample menus

Sample 1

Garden Salad
Lentils and Corn salad
Dressing: olive oil, balsamic…
Seasonal vegetables
Quiche Lorraine
Grilled salmon with sauteed potatoes
Fruit and French Bread


Sample 2

Leek soup
Endive, cheese and pomegranate
Tomato and basil salad
Dressing: olive oil, nut vinaigrette
Macarroni gratin
Sauteed green beans with ham
Lemon chicken
Catering Hepburn’s Chocolate Cake


* Fresh and local ingredients (km 0)
* Menus are open to change depending on seasonal market.
* We also offer vegetarian and vegan option, organic farming, macrobiotic diets, dietary needs.

Afternoon Service

Once the catering service ends, an afternoon service is left on set.

Coffee, tea, sugar… cups and napkins.
Mineral water and soft drinks
Sweets and biscuits

Included services: Kitchen truck. Tables, chairs, tablecloths and tableware. Kitchen and service staff. Transport, assembly and collection.

Desigual Add’s catering